Recent Presentations

  1. Poster: "Solar UV Irradiance Measurements from SUSIM UARS", L E Floyd, J W Cook, and L C Herring, AGU Fall 2004 Meeting, December 2004, PDF (411K).

  2. Poster: "Retrieval of Thermospheric Molecular Oxygen Profiles from Solar and Stellar Occultations", J Lumpe, L Floyd, M Snow, J M Picone, and G Rottman, AGU Fall 2004 Meeting, December 2004, PPT (2088K).

  3. Poster: "The SUSIM Mg II Core-to-Wing Ratio Index", Linton Floyd, John Cook, and Lynn Herring, 2004 SORCE Science Meeting, October 2004. PDF (1372K).

  4. Poster: "Solar UV and EUV Irradiance and Solar Indices", Linton Floyd, Jeff Newmark, Lynn Herring, John Cook, and Don McMullin, AGU Fall 2003 Meeting, December 2003, PDF (2329K).

  5. Poster: "The Center-to-Limb Behavior of Excess Solar UV Flux from Active Regions", Patrick Crane, Linton Floyd, John Cook, Lynn Herring, and Eugene Avrett, 2003 SORCE Science Meeting, December 2003. PDF (659K).

Last Updated 18 December 2004